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I put my key in the cradle last night and it did not update?

Possible Reasons Why:

1. You have DSL service and you are not using a filter. If you have DSL at the location that your cradle is plugged in, you will need a filter. Contact your DSL provider for more information.

2. You have your cradle plugged in at work on a multiple phone line. You can only have your cradle plugged in to an analog phone line. Try plugging it into your company's fax machine line: this should work.

3. You might have a wrong phone number programmed into your key. Your DisplayKey has a number programmed into it. This number is used to call out to in order to update your key. To determine if you have the correct phone number programmed in your key follow these instructions:
a. Push "enter" to turn your key on
b. Scroll down to "e-sync phone number"
c. Push "enter"
d. Push "1"

Your DisplayKey will now display a number. If you live locally and it is not long distance for you to call La Crosse, the number should say 796-2401. If you live further away the number will say 1-800-590-4857. Exception: If you update your key at your office and you need to dial a 9 or 8 to get out the number will have either a 9 or 8 in front of it.

4. Your key is not inserted in the cradle correctly. Sometimes it looks like the key is in the cradle, but it may not be. Take your key out and then replace it in the cradle. Make sure your key seems snug. After you put your key in the cradle it should blink green, then amber, then solid green, your key will display whether it is updated or expired. If your cradle and key are not doing this then something is wrong with your connection.

5. Your cradle is not hooked up correctly. Maybe a cord got pulled out of the wall and you did not realize it. Maybe your kids unplugged a cord. Double check to make sure that all your connections are plugged in securely. See #4 for how your cradle and key should react if everything is connected correctly. If you try all these options and it is still not working, try resetting your cradle. Follow these instructions:
a. Unplug the power cord from the wall outlet then plug it back into the outlet after approx. 10 seconds.
b. Insert a paperclip into the reset opening (small opening on the back of the cradle next to the telephone hookup)
c. Press the reset switch inside to reactivate

6. Your cradle is hooked up to a phone line that uses a splicer; or you have your power cord plugged into a power strip. Occasionally we have had some problems with cradles that are hooked up this way. If you put your key in the cradle and it continues to say, "connecting to cradle" this may be your problem. You need to hook your cradle up directly to a phone jack and do not use a power strip. Try doing an e-sync again.

7. You are updating your key on the wrong night. When you turn your key on it will tell you "Key updated until (date)" Your key will expire at 12:00 a.m. on that date, so you actually need to put your key in the cradle the night before to avoid expiration. For example, if your key says, "Key updated until July 1" You will leave your key on the cradle overnight on June 30th. If June 30th is a Wednesday, then you will update your key every Wednesday night.

I put my key in my cradle to do a manual e-sync and it did not update?

Go through the same possible solutions as above. All apply except #7.

I tried to call K.I.M. to get my key updated and they told me that I have to do an e-sync. Why?

As of August 2003, K.I.M. will only allow you to call for an update code four times in between e-syncs. If you called K.I.M. and got this response you have already used up your four times. Go do a manual e-sync to update your key. Now you will be allowed four more update codes with K.I.M.

I went away for the week and did not update my key. Now it is Saturday and I want to show a property what should I do?

Perform a manual e-sync.
1. Push "enter" to turn your key on
2. Scroll down to "manual e-sync"
3. Push "enter"
4. Put your key in the cradle
5. Wait 3-5 minutes
6. When you return your key should say, "updated."

I am at a property and I keep trying to open the lockbox but my key stops working in the middle of it. Why?

Your battery may be low. If you are not e-syncing your key very often the battery will not get recharged. We recommend that even if you prefer to use update codes from K.I.M. to still put your key in the cradle for at least 3 hours a week. You cannot overcharge your battery, so consider keeping your key on the cradle any time it's not in use. In order to check your battery status follow these steps:

a. Push "enter" to turn your key on
b. Scroll down to "battery status"
c. Push "enter"

Your key should now display your percentage of battery power. If your battery power is low, go put your key on a cradle as soon as possible. If your key is in danger of losing all its power it will warn you by displaying "battery low." If this happens you will want to put your key on the cradle immediately. If you lose all battery power, your key is dead and you will need to purchase a new key.

I am at a property and my key just continues to say "searching" when attempting to open a lockbox. Why?

Your key is stuck in the searching mode. Like all new wonderful technology these days sometimes things happen and we just aren't sure why. When your key does this push "enter" and "1" at exactly the same time and your key will turn off. Push "enter" again to turn your key back on and start over. If your key continues to do this, you may have a battery issue (see last problem/solution).

I began to enter my PIN code but then pushed the wrong number by mistake. What can I do to backup?

Push "enter" and "1" at the same time and your key will reset. Push "enter" to turn your key back on and begin again.

I keep getting an error code on my key. What does it mean?

Error codes help you identify what is wrong with your key. Your key will store the last five error codes that were reported. To view these codes:
a. Press "enter" to turn your key on
b. Scroll to "error codes"
c. Press "enter"

You will see up to five error codes displayed. It will also display how many times this error occurred, the numbering begins at zero. For example if your key displays "0700 0601" it is telling you that error code 7 occurred once, and error code 6 occurred twice.

Here is a list of some of the most common error codes:

Error Code Description
01 Login error-perform e-sync again
04 Modem error-reset cradle
05 Check e-sync phone number
06 No dial tone check phone line
07 Phone line busy-perform e-sync again
08 No answer-perform e-sync again
19 No phone line-check phone
20 Phone line in use-verify phone line is not in use and e-sync again
27 Key is expired-update key
71 Incorrect PIN
72 Incorrect shackle code


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